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Research Alumni Group on the myAlumni platform

The myAlumni platform is the contact network of the University of Siegen, in which alumni, students, researchers, and academics of the University of Siegen can get and keep in touch. Through this platform members can take advantage of opportunities made available by the university-wide alumni network, as well as those from specialised alumni groups of the faculties. Members are also able to contribute their own ideas to shape the alumni network. The members can enrol themselves in various groups, both interdisciplinary and subject-specific, where they will be able to network and to share their interests and specialties.

For research alumni, international guest researchers, and researchers of the University of Siegen, there are specialised features for scientific exchanges, to organise an exclusive Research Alumni Siegen Information Community: ra.SiC

In the Research Alumni Group the members can share scientific documents and contact each other. With this Feature for research alumni and for the relevant community, myAlumni offers the possibility to exchange information and to interact across the Research Alumni Network. Register below!

If you are already registered you can update your profile here.

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